Transgender Sex Work and Society


Edited By
Larry Nuttbrock

416 pages

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This is the only book that systematically examines transgender sex work in the United States and globally. Bringing together perspectives from a rich range of disciplines and experiences, it is an invaluable resource on issues related to commercial sex in the transgender community and in the lives of trans sex workers, including mental health, substance use, relationship dynamics, encounters with
the criminal justice system, and opportunities and challenges in the realm of public health.

The volume covers trans sex workers’ interactions with health, social service, and mental-health agencies, featuring more than forty contributors from across the globe. Synthesizing introductions by the editor help organize and put into context a vast and scattered research and empirical literature. The book is essential for researchers, health practitioners, and policy analysts in the areas of sex-work research, HIV/AIDS, and LGBTQ/gender studies.

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FOREWORDFree Chapter
Walter Bockting
(since 1/28/18)

Larry A. Nuttbrock
(since 1/28/18)

SECTION I: Empirical Descriptions and a Conceptual Formulation For Sex Work Among Transwomen in the United States

1. Qualitative Description of Sex Work among Transwomen in New York City
Sel J. Hwahng
2. Quantitative Description of Sex Work among Transwomen in New York City
Larry A. Nuttbrock
3. Why Are So Many Transwomen in the Sex Trade, and Why Are So Many of Them Ethnic Minorities?
Larry A. Nuttbrock and Sel Hwahng
SECTION II: Survival Sex Among Young Transgender Persons in the United States and the United Kingdom

4. Compound Harms: What the Literature Says about Survival among Young Trans People in the United Kingdom and the United States
Lorna C. Barton
SECTION III: Personal Relationships and Health Risk Behavior

5. Relationship Dynamics and Health Risk Behavior among Transwomen and Their Cisgender Male Partners
Tiffany R. Glynn and Don Operario
SECTION IV: Mental Health and Substance Use Issues Among Transwomen in the Sex Trade

6. Mental Health and Transphobia among Transwomen Sex Workers: Application and Extension of Minority Stress Models
Don Operario, Tiffany R. Glynn, and Tooru Nemoto
7. Sex Work and Major Depression among Transwomen in New York City: Mediating Effects of Gender Abuse and Substance Use
Larry A. Nuttbrock
8. Substance Use among Transgender Sex Workers
Beth R. Hoffman
SECTION V: HIV Among Transwomen in the Sex Trade

9. The Prevalence of HIV among Transwomen Sex Workers: A Review of Current Literature
Ayden I. Scheim, Laura Winters, Zack Marshall, Daze Jefferies, and Stefan D. Baral
10. HIV and Substance Use among Transwomen Sex Workers: A Vicious Cycle of Socioeconomic Hardship, Unmet Service Needs, and Health Risk
Tiffany Glynn, Don Operario, and Tooru Nemoto

11. Sex Work, High-Risk Sexual Behavior, and Incident HIV/STI among Transwomen in New York City: A Study of Mediating Factors
Larry A. Nuttbrock

12. Sex Work and Antiretroviral Therapy among Transwomen of Color Living with HIV in New York City
Larry A. Nuttbrock

SECTION VI: Transgender Sex Work in Different Cultural Settings

13. Sex Work in Turkey: Experiences of Transwomen
Ceylan Engin
14. Hijras/Transwomen and Sex Work in India: From Marginalization to Social Protection
Venkatesan Chakrapani, Peter A, Newman, and Ernest Noronha

15. Transgender Sex Work in Brazil: Historico-Cultural Perspectives
Don Kulick

16. The Changing Landscape of Transgender Sex Work, Pimping, and Trafficking in Brazil
Barry M. Wolfe

17. Sociocultural Context of Sex Work among Mak Nyah (Transwomen) in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Tooru Nemoto, Rebecca de Guzman, Yik Koon Teh, Mariko Iwamoto, and Karen Trocki

18. Sociocultural Context of Health among Kathoey (Transwomen) and Female Sex Workers in Bangkok, Thailand
Tooru Nemoto, Usaneya Perngparn, Chitlada Areesantichai, Mariko Iwamoto, Charlene Bumanglag, and Julia Moore

19. Transgender Sex Work in the Andean Region: Between Vulnerability and Resilience
Ximena Salazar, Aron Núnez-Curto, Angélica Motta, and Carlos F. Cáceres

20. Transgender Sex Work in Spain: Psychosocial Profile and Mental Health
Rafael Ballester-Arnal, Maria Dolores Gil-Llario, Jesús Castro-Calvo, Trinidad Bergero-Miguel, and José Guzmán-Parra

21. Prevalence and Associated Factors of Condomless Receptive Anal Intercourse with Male Clients among Transwomen Sex Workers in Shenyang, China
Zixin Wang, Joseph T.F. Lau, Yong Cai, Jinghua Li, Tiecheng Ma, and Yan Liu

SECTION VII: Care and Treatment of Transgender Sex Workers

22. Issues in the Care and Treatment of Transwomen Sex Workers
Asa Radix and Zil Goldstein
SECTION VIII: Criminal Justice Versus Public Health Perspectives on Transgender Sex Work

23. Police Abuse, Depressive Symptoms, and High-Risk Sexual Behavior for HIV among Transwomen
Larry A. Nuttbrock
24. Criminal Justice versus Health and Human Rights Perspectives on Transgender Sex Work
Tara Lyons, Leslie Pierre, Andrea Krüsi, and Kate Shannon

SECTION IX: Analytic Summary and Directions for Further Study

25. Analytic Summary and Directions for Further Study
Walter Bockting and Larry A. Nuttbrock
(since 1/28/18)

(since 1/28/18)

(since 1/28/18)


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