1. Distribution under an Ivy League imprimatur
Harrington Park Press is distributed by Columbia University Press to the most important institutional, academic, and retail markets in the United States and across the globe.

Founded in 1893, Columbia University Press is the fourth-oldest university press in the world. Its biannual sales catalog is mailed to 20,000 academics, acquisitions librarians, and retail outlets around the world.

2. Global reach through regional marketing
The Columbia University Press influence map (shown below) demonstrates the locations where its books have been translated, as well as local sales groups and sub-distributors.

Columbia University Press Influence Map

Local sales representatives reach booksellers throughout the world.
Representatives in your area include:

USA Sales Reps
International Sales Reps

3. E-partners: Promoting your digital & electronic sales
Harrington Park Press sells ebooks through over 40 major ebook distributors.

Amazon (Kindle) generates the majority of ebook sales. However, Harrington Park Press works with all major ebook suppliers.

HPP Ebook Suppliers

4. Promoting print books and ebooks
All books are promoted and publicized by both Columbia University Press and Harrington Park Press.

The Columbia University Press catalog is mailed to over 20,000 recipients twice a year. The recipients include key academics, acquisitions and subject librarians, and the “specialty book trade” booksellers in the UK/Europe and elsewhere. These booksellers in turn re-promote to the major libraries in their country or regional territories.

Specialty LGBTQ and DIVERSITY advertising

Harrington Park Press promotes its books directly to LGBTQ & diversity-specific audiences primarily within academia and professional practice. We also publicize to general LGBTQ & diversity institutions, agencies, and the educated public where appropriate.

Targeted mail/email/publicity efforts reach academic faculty, practitioners, and researchers through:

  • Popular print and electronic media outlets
  • Bloggers
  • LGBTQ and diversity-friendly journalists
  • Facebook, Instagram, and other social media outlets
Harrington Park Press Promotion
Full page ad in the Gay & Lesbian Review
Harrington Park Press Promotion
Full page ad in the Division 44 Journal of the American Psychological Association