Gay & Bisexual Men Living with Prostate Cancer


From Diagnosis to Recovery

Edited By
Jane M. Ussher
Janette Perz
B.R. Simon Rosser

352 pages
Paperback, $45.00 / £37.95 ISBN: 9781939594259
Hardcover, $95.00 / £79.95 ISBN: 9781939594242
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This book provides an overview of research and practice dealing with the specific needs of gay and bisexual men living with prostate cancer, as well as the special psychosocial needs of their partners. The intention is twofold: to provide insight into the unique experiences and concerns of gay or bisexual men living with prostate cancer in order to inform and assist future research, clinical practice and supportive care, and policy; and to ensure that the needs of gay and bisexual men are recognized
and advanced on the mainstream prostate cancer agenda. Featuring both cutting-edge research and powerful portraits of gay and bisexual men living with prostate cancer, this book will be indispensable for health care, oncology, and mental health practitioners who seek to address their specific experiences and challenges.
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FOREWORDFree Chapter
Jonathan Bergman and Mark S. Litwin
(since 5/10/18)

Jane M. Ussher, Janette Perz, and B.R. Simon Rosser
(since 5/10/18)

SECTION ONE: Gay and Bisexual Men’s Experiences of Prostate Cancer: What Does Research Tell Us?

(since 5/10/18)
1. Understanding Prostate Cancer in Gay, Bisexual, and Other Men Who Have
Sex with Men and Transgender Women: A Review of the Literature
Free Chapter
B.R. Simon Rosser, Shanda L. Hunt, Benjamin D. Capistrant, Nidhi Kohli, Badrinath R. Konety, Darryl Mitteldorf, Michael W. Ross, Kristine M. Talley, and William West
(since 6/04/19)
3. Integrating Post-Prostatectomy Sexuality: The Couple’s Journey
Daniela Wittmann

4. “My partner is my family”: An Interdependence and Communal Coping Approach to Understanding Prostate Cancer in Same-Sex Male Couples
Charles Kamen and Lynae Darbes

5. Psychological Adjustment in Gay and Bisexual Men after Prostate Cancer
Michael A. Hoyt and Brett M. Millar

6. The Social Dimensions of Prostate Cancer in Gay Men’s Sexuality
Gary W. Dowsett, Duane Duncan, Andrea Waling, Daniel R. du Plooy, and Garrett P. Prestage

7. Gay Men and Prostate Cancer: Learning from the Voices of a Hidden Population
Murray Drummond, James Smith, and Shaun Filiault

SECTION TWO: Cancer Care and Support For Gay and Bisexual Men with Prostate Cancer

8. Lack of Information and Unmet Needs: Gay and Bisexual Men’s Sexual Communication with Healthcare Professionals about Sex after Prostate Cancer
Duncan Rose, Jane M. Ussher, and Janette Perz

9. Prostate Cancer Treatment Decision-Making and Survivorship Considerations among Gay and Bisexual Men: Implications for Sexual Roles and Functioning
Gwendolyn P. Quinn, Matthew B. Schabath, and Clement K. Gwede

10. Sexual Aids for Gay and Bisexual Men and Transgender Women after Prostate Cancer Treatments
Erik Wibowo and Richard Wassersug

(since 6/04/19)
12. Illness Intrusiveness and Social Support in Gay and Bisexual Men with Prostate Cancer
Tae L. Hart, Crystal Hare, and David M. Latini

13. The Effects of Radiation Therapy for Prostate Cancer on Gay and Bisexual Men’s Experiences of Mental Health, Sexual Functioning and Behavior, Sexual Identity, and Relationships
William West, B. R. Simon Rosser, Benjamin D. Capistrant, BeatrizTorres, Badrinath R. Konety, Darryl Mitteldorf, Michael W. Ross, and Kristine M. Talley

14. Toward a More Comprehensive Model of Prostate Cancer Care Inclusive of Gay and Bisexual Men and Transgender Women
Donald Allensworth-Davies, Thomas O. Blank, Brian de Vries, and Emilia Lombardi

SECTION THREE: Personal Experiences

16. “Losing My Chestnut”: One Gay Man’s Wrangle with Prostate Cancer — Ten Years On
Gary W. Dowsett

17. What about Me?
Ross Henderson

(since 5/10/18)

19. Looking Back: Engaging Prostate Cancer as a Gay Man at the Turn of the Twenty-first Century
Gerald Perlman

20. A Shared Decision-Making Approach to Assessing Prostate Cancer Risk: A Gay Diary Case Study
B. R. Simon Rosser, William West, and Badrinath R. Konety

(since 5/10/18)

(since 5/10/18)

(since 5/10/18)


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