We are pleased to review unsolicited submissions/proposals.

Submissions/proposals must have some demonstrable potential to be adopted by introductory or advanced undergraduate and graduate-level courses, and lend themselves to publicity campaigns intended to promote eBook editions.

Book proposals should include the author’s CV, an outline, a sample chapter, reviews of prior books (if available), notes about known competing texts, and whether or not this is a single, simultaneous, or multiple submission.

Authors/editors are required to procure signed permission for re-use of any material published elsewhere, whether in print or on the Internet, and to pay for any reprint fees. This includes permissions for:

a. text

b. images/photographs

c. illustrations/charts/graphs of any kind

Sample permissions letter will be posted on this website shortly.


HPP provides explicit guidelines for providing us with the best possible art for print reproduction. This document includes guidelines for submitting illustrations or photographs along with your manuscript. It is of utmost importance that we receive images that are supplied at the correct size and resolution, and that have been cleared of all permissions and copyright.

Also included are instructions on how to:

a. properly scan your artwork

b. organize and label your digital files

c. submit captions for each piece of art


Overall Permissions Guide
Our overall guide to understanding copyright, fair use, and general requirements for obtaining permissions for text, graphics, interviews, website material, your own previously published material, and more.

Text Reprint Form
A required form for reprinting text.

Graphics/Illustrations Form
A required form for reprinting graphics/ illustrations/charts/graphics.

All permissions forms must be signed in order to be considered valid.